Application Maintenance

Many organizations nowadays implement a wide range of software applications and various other packaged solutions to ease out their day to day tasks. A considerable number of companies also opt for custom developed applications or a hybrid mix of both without giving due diligence to how they will maintain the application or even further enhance its capabilities to accommodate future requirements. With time, and as business grows consequently companies feel the requirement that someone has to maintain their application for them. Sheer negligence may result in their inability to compete in the market place and missed opportunities to better connect with customers.

ParaDevelopment offers reliable Application Management or Maintenance Services in order to help you in your ongoing business activities which would in return assist you to better widespread your business capabilities. As a leading application service provider, our expertise lies in the area of consistently managing and stabilizing, optimizing and helping you extend your application so that its functionality can seamlessly meet your organization’s fluctuating and growing needs.

We offer application maintenance services with a sense of warmth combined with excellent client handling skills. Apart from having in-depth technical and functional knowledge of your application we would also help you identify newer and innovative ways of taking your existing application to the next level. By offering a right mix of technical expertise along with customer services it is our endeavor to solve business challenges and enhance its overall performance.

As per your business or individual requirement ParaDevelopment offers the following types of application maintenance services:

Conducting fixes or managing modifications
We offer this service basis of your demand or business requirement with the aim to provide certain fixtures to the functionality and to help you identify dependable ways of improving performance. Fixes within the application arise when you require corrective actions in which case the problem in narrowed down and rectified. A second reason could be due to adaptive needs. In this case it may so happen that the OS, or the database running or integrated with the system or maybe the underlying hardware on which the application is running has changed.

Application enhancements
In this kind of application maintenance service a business need may arise in which you may realize that by making certain enhancements within the system you can improve the overall performance and also it can help you best manage immediate and future requirements.

Whatever may be your need we have the right team to help you manage and maintain your application in the best possible manner. We have the right tools and knowledge to help you keep your system healthy so that your business has and/or maintains a prominent position in the competitive market.

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Amanda Wade

Over the past year we have done a lot of work with IT Chimes. With each new project our relationship deepens and now, in many ways, they have become part of the Softworks Marketing Team. They understand the direction that we want to go and work with us to get where we need to be. If there's a deadline to meet we can rely on the team at IT Chimes to join us in ensuring that we deliver!

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