Joomla offers an entire gamut of features for the most demanding businesses competing in the world of marketing and business excellence today. It is a powerful open source for developing Content Management Systems (CMS) and is being popularly used by small to large organizations, government agencies and demanding individuals to help maintain their corporate or business websites.

ParaDevelopment has today hired and retained a team of open source experts who can create for you a powerful and most robust CMS using Joomla through which you can effortlessly manage almost any website you have running on the internet. Due to the degree of simplicity and flexibility Joomla exhibits, you can now perform a world of operations on your website. It offers companies a complete solution package for easy site maintenance. Joomla is most ideal for companies that are looking to free resources and save money in engaging a professional web development company to help manage their website for them.

Joomla offers an extensive range of plugins that can seamlessly integrate with systems. By use of these plugins we can help you develop a variety of features that can engage visitors towards your website. You can now take advantage of useful features like calendars, blog management, forums, polling and many other such features to enhance web interaction.

Joomla is considered most powerful and extremely resilient for site management or maintenance. You can manage large portals most effortlessly through a single admin console and need not have to rely on a software or design expert to remove, modify or add elements to your website. You can retain customers and engage new ones by keeping the site updated with content and attractive images. One of the most distinctive features of Joomla is its ability to offer unique and powerful template designs. You can choose from several thousands of template designs for your website and we can help you integrate it.

Some of the most popular features that we can use to help you create a state of the art CMS for your website are:

  • An online editor through which you can update content and images
  • Integrate customize templates as per your choice or liking
  • Make use of and implement user friendly interfaces
  • Create for you an easy to use and manage contact section through which you can easily engage with clients and stakeholders
  • Create for you an online polling systems to attract customers and stakeholders
  • Make great use of multi lingual support
  • Make use of multi user access

Today, the challenges are high and the cost of maintaining a site is even higher. Our experts understand that you would be looking for innovative and cost effect ways of easy site maintenance. This is why, whether you are looking to develop and maintain a personal website, social site, corporate website, community portal, government site, sites that can run in multiple languages, our experts can do a most commendable job for you.

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Amanda Wade

Over the past year we have done a lot of work with IT Chimes. With each new project our relationship deepens and now, in many ways, they have become part of the Softworks Marketing Team. They understand the direction that we want to go and work with us to get where we need to be. If there's a deadline to meet we can rely on the team at IT Chimes to join us in ensuring that we deliver!

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