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Today, businesses that totally depend on the internet for high end transactions and online store management demand for functionalities that are intelligent enough to enhance the buying experience of their customers. Shopping carts for instance need to be intelligent enough to help online customers pick and drop whichever product they wish to purchase from the shelf. With the number of e-commerce websites emerging in the online market today you require a competitive edge and we can help you in many ways to accomplish this with ease.

X Cart is a very powerful e-commerce shopping cart written in MYSQL/PHP and offers visitors coming to your business website a most fantastic shopping experience. Experts working at ParaDevelopment can help make this experience even more convenient and safe by enhancing its core functionalities. The X Cart software comes loaded with unbelievable built-in features and keeps visitors engaged at all times. Our developers and programmers can help you explore and put in to use the various functionalities of this server based shopping cart so that the visitors coming to your shopping site increases manifolds.

X Cart offers a world of solutions to meet most of the requirements of small to large organizations. In case you have a special or unique demand our experts can look into this for you and offer solutions that enhance your business capability. Some of the features that X Cart brings to the table are:

Ease of integration and enhanced flexibility:
When it comes to integration and flexibility the X Cart offers a wide range of feature rich solutions. We can help you create a number of modules that can be integrated with X Cart to enhance its overall functionality and help attain optimum results. This would include easy adding, modifying and taking out products – an operation which the end user can perform while purchasing a product from your website.

User friendliness
X Cart offers as well as supports user friendly interfaces so that customers can easily operate and perform a range of activities for purchasing commodities or products. Customers can also take advantage of easy and quick product search. This would enable the user to save time and efforts in searching and purchasing a specific product. This feature comes in most handy when your site has several categories and sub categories and chances are that the customer may spend considerable time and efforts in finding a product.

Invoice automation and email notification:
Since the X Cart supports automated invoicing and email notification hence we can help you explore and engage this system in order to make your e-commerce website outstanding and most resilient.

Comprehensive management systems:
X cart offers you a complete management system through which you can seamlessly manage a wide range of functionalities including order management, product management or even inventory management at all stages. We can further help you to leverage these functionalities to the benefit of your business. You can easily manage orders, invoices and even manage your own inventory system in a most effective manner.

Easy shipping and payment options:
With the help of X Cart we can set up for you easy shipping and payment options. You can keep track things like weight, rate, shipping fee, destination zone and delivery methods for easy shipping of product. The entire system can be linked with your payment gateway. The gateway would allow the customer to conveniently use a range of payment options. The customer can make a payment using his or her debit card and credit card or any other method like PayPal.

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