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Rapid sharing of information and the ability to be able to manage large amounts of data effortlessly are key factors that contribute towards the growth and benefit of an organization. Most companies nowadays believe in operating within transparent walls. This would mean engaging with several hundreds and thousands of employees, clients and partners over a vast network spread across the globe. Your business requires systems in place that can allow easy passage of vital information so that it is easily accessible real time.

In order to facilitate effective and efficient collaboration as well dependable systems of communication, you require a system to be put in place that can provide such facilities. SharePoint, a remarkable product from Microsoft is one system that can offer you such conveniences and much more.

We have on board expertise that can help you deploy and install SharePoint on your system so that you can easily construct websites for information sharing, publish business reports and manage a wide range of documents in a most resilient manner. These reports and online information can be made easily accessible to all authorized parties irrespective of their current location.

If your business requires a powerful collaboration tool that offers reliable integration at all levels and can also offer significant productivity levels for business success, then SharePoint offers the ultimate solution.

We can help integrate SharePoint with a wide range of desktop applications, email software and web browsers making it easier for sharing information as and when desired. The interface of this tool and the various plugins offer complete comfort of installation and ease of use.

We understand that security can also be of prime concern and that is why we would help you engage data protective features of this tool so that your data, information and documents are safe from being hacked and less prone to harmful viruses.

When you outsource your SharePoint services to us your business can prosper from the following advantages:

  • Allow others to view your documents while at the same time protect the document by offering passwords
  • Flexibility of seamlessly download documents from other systems
  • Edit the document as per write given by admin
  • Upload documents and important information and allow restricted access
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Amanda Wade

Over the past year we have done a lot of work with IT Chimes. With each new project our relationship deepens and now, in many ways, they have become part of the Softworks Marketing Team. They understand the direction that we want to go and work with us to get where we need to be. If there's a deadline to meet we can rely on the team at IT Chimes to join us in ensuring that we deliver!

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